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The purpose of the project

Promotion and popularization of sport tourism as an ecological way for spending the leisure; raising the awareness and informing about the developed tourism potential of the "Transalpina" route and educating the society in a green way – by getting them involved in environment protecting activities.

Project objectives

- Promotion and popularization of sport tourism as an ecological way for spending the leisure;
- Awareness by society of various ways of aggression of campsites and the importance of protecting them;
- providing green education for young people by offering ways of spending their leisure in nature, being involved in ecological activities;
- educating the tourists who go through the route "Transalpina" in a spirit-protective environment;
- Offering knowledge about the Parang mountains turistic potential.


PRESENTATION of PROJECT AREA in which the event is organized

Obarstia Lotrului is the place in which tourism and respect for nature should be on the first place in people's thoughts. This is the intersection of two national roads that have a very special charm – DN 7A that connects Valea Jiului and Valea Oltului and DN 67C – Transalpina, that connects Oltenia of Transilvania, the highest road of the country that reaches the top height at Urdere 2145 m.




Asociatia Drumetii Montane

Project's importance

The importance of the area where the project is organized it's given by the fact that the two roads mentioned with Obarsia Lotrului and Ranca are acces points to many important protected areas, that surround it: Calcescu Lake Reservation was built in 1932, by the Journal of the Ministry Council 1142/1932, when the first protected areas were established; The Gauri Reservation that is represented in a floral, geomorphological and speleological; The Dengheru-Cioara reservation, Iezerul Latoritei Reservation.


Activities undertaken in the project need

Upgrading Route 7A and DN 67C facilitate tourism development in this area, and effects can already be noticed due to the increase of the number of tourists that are already using the two national roads. Also, the access to the interest points is facilitated, as well as the one on natural protected areas and mountain tourist areas: peaks, lakes, and so on. In this context, the lack of environment education and advertising the natural protected areas made the society lack the needed interest for this area, for its problems and importance. Once the tourist number will increase, there was also an increase in the dangers caused by inadequate tourism. Already close to the roads there is a large amount of waste that had been thrown away by the tourists
That's why an intervention for educating the citizens is necessary, using actions that are similar to this project. We need a change primarily in the way of thinking that subsequently affect the citizens how to act
Using this project we want to make the tourists that use the two roads understand their part in keeping a healthy natural environment, their need to respect it by avoiding leaving waste in that area. This project is also aimed for people that are passionate about hiking and mountain sports, who are invited to discover wonderful paths.


The target audience is formed by three concentric circles

- The tourists that pass DN 7A and DN 67C with their cars;
- The tourists who are passionate by hiking and mountain sports;
- The residents that live close to the main focused areas: Obarsia Lotrului and Ranca, and also the authorities who are responsible for them.