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"Drumetii Montane" Association

     "Drumetii Montane" Association was borned from the wish to make that "SOMETHING" that we all talk about and needs to be done,but never take  the next was borned on the Parang crevasses,in Valcan forests and on the river banks from Retezat,it was borned with the hope that we will be the answer to the question: WHO?


     Whe are going on a long road with the confidence that we are gonna educate the one's among us in a green spirit with the will to make as more actions to protect the nature in all her forms.


     Mounting Travel defines us as a life style and as a favored activity,because we never can describe the joy,the trill that we feel when we start the travel with our back-pack.


     "Drumetii Montane" Association is a viable partner for public authorities,and learning instituions,custodians and administrators of natural areas protected,a friend for those who want to participate at eco-sportive-turistic actions,and still a fiercely opposing of those who destroy the surrounding enviroment.


     Juristical i knowlodge on this date 19 octomber 2010 and we want in timp to complete this presentation with concrette actions that we undertaken and the obtained results. Those who want to start on a mountain tavel,we expect them to join our team,and do together a step in nature,for the nature!